It's probably fair to assume that Adam Sandler wasn't getting a whole lot of award show practice following the releases of Pixels, The Ridiculous 6, and, well, we'll just leave it at "others." But that didn't stop Conan O'Brien from busting his balls after he botched basic award show procedure by advancing to the stage before Conan had finished his setup to give Sandler his Movies for Grownups "Best Actor" honor, thanks to his performance as the star in Uncut Gems.

Said ball busting occurred earlier this month. You can watch at the bottom or read about it two sentences from now, whatever floats your boat. I'd probably just watch though.

After Conan simply stated how "delighted" he was, Sandler began to walk up to the stage. After about 10 seconds that would've been more awkward if the people involved were less funny, Conan pretend chastised his fellow longtime show-biz vet.

"You don't come up yet, what's wrong with you?" Conan asked. "How long have you been in show business? That was sad!"

After mimicking Sandler's actions, O'Brien explained that the short delay he took was about comic timing.

"I hesitated to take a pause!" O'Brien yelled/explained. "In comedy you take pauses! You were like a chimp that saw a banana. You came running. What the hell was that?! We get to you!"

After telling him that he'd give him a signal when the time was right, O'Brien jumped back to the script.

"As the charismatic gambling addicted jeweler, Howard Ratner" he read. "Adam's character walks a tightrope, juggling an impending divorce and an affair with an employee, thuggish debt collectors, and a high stakes bet that he's counting on for the windfall of a lifetime.

"Now I am thrilled because finally filmmakers are getting to see the real Adam Sandler. I've known him a long time, he is not acting. This movie is a documentary and a desperate, desperate cry for help.

"But Adam's work is undeniably brilliant [in] this bold, risky character study, which has been compared to the work of a young Al Pacino, as well as a middle-aged Al Pacino, and a late in life Al Pacino. [It] offers a completely different side of the electrifying comedian I've known for three decades."  

End intro.

And, as promised, here's the clip. Enjoy:

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