Looks like there's no love in a galaxy far, far away.

The Mandalorian actor Jake Cannavale, who played bounty hunter Toro Calican in an episode of the original Disney+ series, ripped into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on his Instagram Stories, Digital Spy reports.

Even though he's technically a part of the Star Wars universe, he didn't mince words on how he felt about the new film. "Rise of Skywalker was hands down the worst Star Wars movie. An absolute fucking failure. Went to see it last night and I woke up still mad. Like ...  it rendered the entire new trilogy completely useless,” wrote the actor, who's also the son of Bobby Cannavale. “There were more plot holes than there was plot. The amount of ‘by the ways’ was absolutely infuriating. Rise of Skywalker (btw dumbass title) was worse than Phantom Menace AND Last Jedi combined. Fight me."

A curious fan asked Cannavale if he would have the same energy if he was in the film. "Honestly, I think I'd be more mad," the actor responded.

"Obviously I can't speak on behalf of the cast. To some actors, this is just a job and maybe they're just happy to be working. To which I say more power to them," he continued on Instagram. "Also, maybe they fucking loved the new Star Wars! In which case that's fucking dope that they got to work on something they truly got to enjoy."

Cannavale says that he's been a fan of the franchise ever since childhood, which is why he felt "let down" by the newest installment.

"Personally, I've been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid. And I felt pretty let down by the overall laziness of this new trilogy, and also a bit angry at the entitlement of it for pretty much seizing control of the franchise as a whole by basically [saying], 'Nah we don't like the ending that everybody's been cool with for decades, let's change it!'" he wrote.

But he continued to display his disappointment in Skywalker, which holds the second-lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating of the Star Wars saga. "I personally would feel pretty depressed if I was in the new Star Wars movie (as a main character I mean. If I was a dude wearing an alien puppet or whatever I'd be fucking stoked… but still)."

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian was crowned the top-streamed TV series in the United States back in November. Cannavale starred in the Tattoine-set episode "The Gunslinger" on Dec. 6.

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