Kim Kardashian continues to crusade for criminal justice reform by seeking the release of a Pennsylvania man. 

On Thursday, Governor Tom Wolf commuted David Sheppard's life sentence. Sheppard served 25 years in prison for his role in a 1992 robbery during which his accomplice shot and killed a man. Yet instead of living his life as a free man, Sheppard was re-arrested upon his release and sent to the Delaware County jail.

Authorities in Delaware County are holding Sheppard because of an outstanding warrant that stems from a shoplifting incident. Sheppard is accused of stealing five pairs of jeans worth $324.95 from the Jeans West store in 1992. This was prior to him being sentenced to life in prison. And to make matters worse, the store has been out of business for a while.

After hearing about Sheppard's predicament, Kim K took to Twitter where she condemned the District Attorney's Office for its "sheer abuse of prosecutorial authority" and "shameful waste of public resources." 

"This morning after serving 25yrs David Sheppard was due to be released - instead he remains in custody over a 30yr old shoplifting case," Kardashian said. 

Sheppard is set to appear in front of a judge on Monday for a hearing regarding his shoplifting case. Kim is hoping that the court sees the error in its ways and Sheppard is able to be reunited with his family.

"David Sheppard should have been reunited with his family, but he remains in custody and must appear in court on Monday in Delaware County," she continued. "It's imperative that the judge corrects this wrong on Monday so he can regain the freedom he so rightfully deserves."

Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun M. Copeland responded to the growing backlash from Kim and other with a statement on Friday. Copeland believes that she is giving a voice to victims by holding Sheppard on this charge.

"The current climate of the criminal justice system: convicted felons are being empowered and extended leniency at the direct expense of victims and their families," her statement reads. "The issue here is not about a shoplifting charge it is the complete failure of the criminal justice system to give victims and their families a voice."

She now wants to subject him to a speedy trial which she claims was interrupted by his murder trial and subsequent conviction. This will be one of her last cases as she was defeated for the office in November. Her successor, Jack Stollsteimer, ran on a reform platform and claims that he will review the case as soon as he takes office. 

"I’m looking forward to reviewing his case and trying to understand why anybody thinks it’s in the interest of justice and the best use of public resources to hold this man accountable for a crime that happened 27 years ago," he said. "There has to be a reason. It can’t just be that we’re being vindictive."