Harvey Weinstein's health is now a topic of discussion following the disgraced movie producer's court appearance on Friday.

Attorney Donna Rotunno claimed in a TMZ report that Weinstein, who has been accused by more than 80 women of sexual abuse and is facing multiple charges including first-degree rape, is currently "having health issues" that include a back problem. Photos and video from bail hearing appearance showed Weinstein being assisted by two men. According to a separate report from Variety, he also relied "at times, on a cane."

A judge said Friday that Weinstein's million-dollar bail will hold, with another hearing on the matter set for next week. The trial begins in January.

While arguing that Weinstein was a flight risk and that his bail should be increased, prosecutors pointed to what they characterize as actions of "flagrantly disregarding" a bracelet monitoring system. Rotunno, meanwhile, has argued for the removal of the bracelet.

Back in October, Weinstein was confronted at a bar in New York City and called a "fucking rapist."