Stan Lee's daughter, Joan Celia Lee, has reportedly filed a $25 million lawsuit against her father's former personal assistant. TMZ reports that Lee claims Bradley Herman appeared on a podcast to talk about his time working for Stan. She said Herman accused her of grabbing her father by the neck and slamming his head into a wooden chair. 

Lee has said that she never assaulted her father, and subsequently explained that Herman stole from her father before he was fired in January 2018. She accuses Herman of knowingly spreading false information. She's not only suing Herman, she's including the podcast's host, Alan Duke.

"JC Lee took her father by the neck and grabbed his neck and slammed his head back into the wood portion of the chair," Herman allegedly said during the podcast.

This isn't the first lawsuit Joan Celia Lee has filed following the death of Stan Lee. In September, she filed suit to recover her father's intellectual property. The whole case sees her revisiting the $1 billion lawsuit Lee himself brought against POW! Entertainment, in which he accused executives at the company of taking advantage of his "deterioating medical condition" by "inducing him to sign documents under fraudulent pretenses." 

A former business partner of Lee, Keya Morgan, was apprehended earlier this year on abuse and fraud charges against the comic book legend.