Ready for another wholly insignificant article about A Known Public Figure being photographed alongside Another Known Public Figure and inspiring a trove of shitbrained headlines about alleged dating or whatever? Of course not, but here we are. 

For the latest entry in such a thing as this, we must hyperlink the names Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat before crediting People for their "source"-given comments about the unnecessary brouhaha.

"They are absolutely just friends," an alleged Pitt source told the magazine, which added in its report that the two attended an art gallery event in the Los Angeles area together recently (as seen below in an Instagram embed I'm presumably obligated to include) and reportedly consumed a meal together around dinner time that same day. 

Additionally, Pitt and Shawkat were spotted at an October comedy show of one Mike Birbiglia, which is quite understandable given that Birbiglia is pretty fucking great.

And that's that. It's worth mentioning here that Pitt was most recently seen in James Gray's Ad Astra, while Shawkat had a pivotal part in the Netflix series Living With Yourself.

Anyway, here's some tweets:

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