Bella Hadid sparked rumors of a feud between her and Selena Gomez after the former deleted a post the latter left a comment on. People began speculating something was up when Gomez simply commented "stunning," assumedly prompting Hadid to delete the post entirely. Many pointed out both were exes of the Weeknd, further fueling the rumors.

TMZ reports that sources close to the situation say there's no issues between the two of them. 

When a fan pointed out the photo had been deleted, Gomez replied on Instagram with "That sucks" and a crying emoji. Following the deletion of the photo and the speculation online, the two reportedly had a chat to clear the air. Hadid said she deleted the photo because she didn't like it, and that there was no malicious intent behind it. They also supposedly said there's no hard feelings over their 2017 falling out over the Weeknd, with them both unfollowing each other after Gomez and Abel split.

In October, it was reported that Bella Hadid and the Weeknd had started dating again again following their 2018 reunion. The couple split sometime earlier this year, but sources close to the two said they've been giving it another shot.

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