Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson are leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind for a moment to take on the racist real estate practices of 1950s America.

The duo will star in The Banker, an Apple Original Film based on a true story, which just debuted the trailer above. They play Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, two Black entrepreneurs who come up with a unique plan to help Black people pursue the American dream during an era when many doors were closed to them.

“There’s a few complexities you just left out,” Morris, portrayed by Jackson, tells Garrett (Mackie) about the plan they've come up with. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I not wake up Black this morning? Because I’m pretty sure I did. Yep! Still Black.”

They enlist a white man, Matt Steiner (portrayed by X-Men's Nicholas Hoult), to help them make business deals in a world that wouldn't approve loans to Black people. Nia Long also plays a significant role in the film as Garrett's wife.

With the help of Garrett and Morris, the working-class Steiner learns how to act like a rich white man so their plan can work. The trailer shows that everything isn't so simple though, as they run into trouble with law enforcement toward the end of the teaser.

Directed by George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), The Banker is set to hit theaters Dec. 6 and the Apple TV+ streaming service in January. People can also catch its premiere at the AFI Film Festival in L.A. from Nov. 14-21.