Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski are set to star in Krasinski's latest project. Dubbed Imaginary Friends, the film will follow Reynolds as a man who can speak to other people's make-believe friends. When some of those  abandoned friends turn bad, it's Reynolds duty to stop them. 

Krasinski became known as a writer-director and movie star thanks to his hit horror film A Quiet Place. That movie, dreamt up by Krasinski, dives into the life of a family living in a world overrun with ultrafast monsters who are incredibly sensitive to sound. 

The Hollywood Reporter shares that Paramount is looking to lock down a deal on the movie. They beat out Sony and Lionsgate bidding on the project. How much the studio paid has not been released. The project is the second one attached to Reynolds in a week, following his deal to star in a musical take on A Christmas Carol alongside Will Ferrell

Krasinski has been hard at work on a sequel to Place. The director and actor is set to resolve the story of the alien invasion/horror movie in the near future. Outside of that, he recently reflected on the 10th anniversary of his character Jim's wedding to Pam on The Office, noting he was incredibly ill during the filming on one of the beloved show's biggest ever moments.

"One of the most romantic kisses in the show…is actually just me giving her a huge kiss on the cheek because I didn’t want to get her sick,” he said