"That's hot," the notorious and once omnipresent catchphrase of one Paris Hilton, is now the subject of criticism from Evan Rachel Wood.

The Simple Life-debuted phrase is still a common occurrence in the Paris world, with the most recent instance of note happening in the comments section of a recent Instagram post by Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

Following Hilton's "that's hot" comment, Wood replied to Hilton with a reminder that "she's 15."

Though it's not clear whether Wood is actually familiar with the phrase's years-long history and likely harmless meaning, some fans have taken to theorizing that she may have missed the reference altogether:

Neither Hilton nor Wood have commented further on any of this.

At any rate, Stranger Things was recently announced to be returning with an eight-episode fourth season that's set to begin shooting in January. With shooting expected to last until August, we could be in for another skipped year between new seasons, though an official launch date for the new season hasn't yet been confirmed.

Plot details are being closely guarded, though we did get a strong suggestion in a previously released announcement video that the new episodes' main locale will not be Hawkins.

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