Earlier this year, Netflix shared the first trailer for the Henry Cavill-starring fantasy series The Witcher. The show, which is based on the Polish novel series of the same name, is finally around the corner, as Netflix has unveiled the release date alongside a fresh trailer.

The sprawling clip offers a look at Cavill's Geralt of Rivia in action, slaying monsters and traveling through mysterious lands. "I've heard tales of your kind, Witcher," the trailer teases, showing footage of the epic scale of the fantasy setting. With Game of Thrones out of the picture, The Witcher could scratch your fantasy itch when it drops on Dec. 20.

The novels from Andrzej Sapkowski were famously adapted into a series of video games from Polish developer CD Projekt Red. "I'm a big gamer. I've played the games a lot," Henry Cavill said of the series earlier this year. "There was something about Gerald that struck a chord with me. He's not your average hero. He's a hard exterior, real-world type person and at the same time, deep down, he's a real hero." The latest entry in the series is The Witcher 3, which received glowing praise from critics and gamers alike.

Cavill will be joined by an ensemble cast that also features Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Jodhi May, Adam levy, and Eamon Farren among others. Watch the new trailer for The Witcher above.