Kanye West has compared himself to several iconic people, including Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Jesus Is King director Nick Knight offered another comparison in a recent interview published on his fashion website, SHOWstudio.

"Working with Kanye is very similar in many ways to how I worked with Alexander McQueen, understanding his world and his desires," Knight explained. "Both men are extremely complex and extremely passionate about their lives. Both extremely honest and sincere, both are often misunderstood by a media that wants an overly simple answer to the most complex questions."

West partnered with IMAX to release his 35-minute Jesus Is King film. Some assumed it would be a concert film, but instead it's in art movie that isn't solely focused on Kanye's creativity. Knight explains that this unique approach to the film was Kanye's plan to show himself in a different light.

"Kanye did not want to be centre stage. He said, ‘This isn't a film that is about me, this is a film about worship - that's a universal thing.' He certainly didn't want to be ‘Kanye West, the star of this film,'" Knight said. "It was a lack of ego and modest humility that was paramount to him in this film. I feel I am presenting a vision of Kanye that I think not many people seen before - it's a very genuine vision about emotion and integrity."