On Monday, the official Twitter account for Avatar blessed the timeline of their roughly 75,000 followers with their first tweet in four days. The tweet? An innocuous dig at people stating there's no need for one two three four sequels for their franchise, which is keeping with an apparent theme that the social media setup for the second-highest grossing movie ever is becoming a meme account.

If anything the above tweet at least shows self-awareness from somebody on the Avatar payroll acknowledging that a bunch of people are doubting the wisdom of pumping out one two thr — wait, we already did that, a quartet of new sequels.

The Twitter account also posted a few responses to apparent detractors because, as you may have noticed, trying to dunk on corporate tweets has become its own crazy Twitter subculture.

As for when the movie comes out...it's still a pretty long time. There are no guarantees that everybody reading or writing this will still be alive two years and two months from now, but fingers crossed:

Oh, and if the first sequel flops no doubt hundreds of thousands of worse tweets will surface between now and then. So really nothing to lose here.

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