Mercifully, the Breaking Bad movie is out in a matter of hours now. For those in need of such a thing, star Aaron Paul shared a quick under-three-minutes recap of the entire original series on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. He also shared an exclusive (i.e. never-before-seen) clip from El Camino with the audience, as well as walked them through a few of his personal favorite fan tattoos he encountered during a recent scavenger hunt contest in Boise, Idaho.

"It is an utter shitshow," Paul said of the contest, which he also held during Breaking Bad's original run and sees him handing out screening tickets to fans. In this instance, of course, those tickets earned fans the chance to see El Camino before most of the world.

"I love going back to my home state of Idaho and try to give back to the community there," he said. "I rent out this old theater, The Egyptian, and I just tell people where the tickets are hidden via Twitter. Last time, I hid some tickets in the chip aisle where Funyuns were and then people would post photos of the entire place destroyed. I was like, 'Oh no, what did I do?' so I decided not to do that this time around."

This go-around saw a warning message from regional police about keeping things safe amid scavenger hunt festivities, as well as at least two examples of highly dedicated ink tributes.

"I would stop and pull the car over and I would hand out, you know, like 10 pairs of tickets and there was this one girl, as we're pulling out she slams on the window and she's like 'Please, one more!' and I'm like 'You gotta go to the next location, sorry,'" Paul recalled. "She's like 'I will get Pinkman tattooed on my lip if I get tickets.' I rolled down the window and I said 'What did you just say?'"

The fan repeated this promise, which earned her tickets. And at the eventual El Camino screening, she revealed that she had kept her word:

Image via YouTube

Also at the screening, Paul asked attending fans if anyone else had any Breaking Bad tattoos to share in exchange for some free posters and other movie merch, resulting in a meeting with this inked tribute:

Image via YouTube

That guy, Paul noted, told him he also had plans to add a Jesse Pinkman piece to his chest. Hopefully he makes good on that vow.

Anyway, El Camino is out Friday. Catch Paul's full interview—exclusive clip included—up top.

Then, enjoy this fresh behind-the-scenes mini-doc Netflix shared early Thursday morning: