Not to worry, this entire article is wholly free of El Camino spoilers.

Instead, this roughly 250-word concoction will focus on Aaron Paul's Thursday night appearance on Late Late Show in which he detailed a bizarre piece of well-disguised hate mail he once received from a peeved Lost fan.

"You know, I did receive a letter that was disguised as a really sweet letter during the shooting of Breaking Bad," Paul told host James Corden when asked if he had ever received a "hate mail"-qualifying correspondence. "It had all these hearts and smiley faces on it—and I try to respond to as many of these fan letters as possible—and I open it up and it's just this guy screaming at me so angry that I won the Emmy over a couple of his favorite Lost actors, Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson."

The fault, Paul joked, was his own. "He was just so furious," Paul said. "He was like, 'How dare you take away an award from these brilliant actors?' It was my fault."

Anyway, El Camino is out worldwide right now via Netflix. Just before the Breaking Bad universe-expander dropped overnight, Paul thanked the streaming service and the show's dedicated fans for allowing him another opportunity to step into Jesse Pinkman's mind.

"Working with you on this project has been such a dream come true," he said in an Instagram note. "Playing Pinkman for so many years was life changing and it was a gift to be able to jump into that skin yet again. I love the guy. Enjoy the movie everyone! It's a fun ride."