With Hustlers set to hit theaters this week, director and writer Lorene Scafaria wanted to set the record straight on her cast. Rumors have circulated that the two main cast members, Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, had been feuding on and off set. Wu already clarified in an interview with The Guardian that her and J Lo got along swimmingly,  but Scafaria made sure to once again shut down those rumors in a brief chat with BuzzFeed.

"Honestly when I heard about it, it was such an insult to my set, because I don't run things like that," Scafaria said of the suggestion the two were hostile toward one another while filming. "I love to work with actors of all kinds who need different things, but everybody got along so great on this. Jennifer and Constance really did have that chemistry and that relationship right away. It's kind of hard to fake that, to be honest."

A number of media outlets had reported that Wu "demanded" for top billing on the film over Lopez, but Scafaria has implied it was just another example of people pitting successful women against each other. 

Wu, who called the set the "most peaceful" one she's worked on, added, "I wasn’t demanding anything. The reason that happened was because people on the team were calling journalists because they were not putting me in [their stories about the film]. It wasn’t anything I asked them to do."

Hustlers will be in theaters Sept. 13.