A Friday in December that just so happens to land on the 13th is the ideal day to drop a new take on a cult horror classic, and that’s the wise path Blumhouse and Universal have taken with the Black Christmas revival.

"There's someone in the house," a clearly terrified voice warns viewers in the new trailer's opening moments. From there, we're given a glimpse at Cary Elwes (Saw, Stranger Things) and the holiday party methods of the film's characters, who are likely not expecting this particular holiday to take such a harrowing turn toward raised knives and mysterious phone calls and whatnot.

April Wolfe, who wrote the script with director Sophia Takal, shared the new trailer Thursday with some words of advice.

"If you wanna go in fresh and get surprised, you know the drill," she said. "You have a big choice to make... Will you hit play?? Will you wait??? The suspense!"

Black Christmas, also starring Imogen Poots and Brittany O'Grady, arrives on that aforementioned date of perfection, Dec. 13. For those paying attention, the Blumhouse entry is a reworking of the 1974 cult classic of the same name.