Trump, whose contributions to cinema are of no value to anyone, said some shit about Hollywood while grazing outside the White House Friday. This particular shit, as with previous instances of him opening his mouth, smacks of echoed nonsensical comments from his increasingly complicit base of followers.

Trump's latest comments of this variety came in response to an inquiry on his previous publicly shared belief that social media, somehow, is giving those on the so-called conservative side of things a hard time. From there, Trump used this most recent sweat-drenched moment of infamy to switch conversational gears to Hollywood—a city most known for leading film and television industries, not social media.

"Hollywood, I don't call them the elites, I think the elites are people they go after in many cases," Trump, perspiring forcefully, said. "But Hollywood is really terrible. You talk about racist, Hollywood is really racist. What they’re doing with the kind of movies they're putting out, it’s actually very dangerous for our country."

He went on, blathering about who knows what: “We have now, in a little while, all of the heads of the biggest companies coming in, and we’re gonna talk to them. They treat conservatives, Republicans, totally different than they treat others. And they can’t do that.”

Though he didn't name any specific titles, Trump added that "movies" are somehow doing some sort of "tremendous disservice" to people. Of course, these comments could have been loosely inspired by the impending release of The Hunt, which doesn't appear to be interested in placating Trumpees:

All this from a guy whose favorite film is probably, like, The Emoji Movie and/or or Gotti starring John Travolta.

But enough on this asshat. Movies, despite Trump's comments suggesting otherwise, are a good thing that people from any side of any political aisle enjoy on a routine basis. Current options include Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Peanut Butter Falcon, Hobbs & Shaw, Toy Story 4, and literally anything but suffering through additional rounds of dumbassery from a former Apprentice host.