Trump Nominated for Award He Actually Deserves at 2019 Razzies

When terrible things are publicly pointed out for being terrible, you best believe Trump is one of those terrible things.

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The nominees for the 2019 Golden Raspberry Awards are in, and noted neo-Nazi sympathizer Donald Trump is fittingly up for one of the night's top dishonors.

Though the nomination might warrant an internal question mark for the most ardent members of the increasingly embarrassing Trump cult, anyone who caught Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9 likely expected the nod. Trump is up for Worst Actor alongside Johnny Depp's voice, Will Ferrell, John Travolta (fucking Gotti!), and Bruce Willis.

In Moore's film, which itself is not up for any Razzies because it's actually quite good, Trump is (among other things) argued to have initially launched his presidential campaign as a childish middle finger to NBC over a pay dispute. The shutdown fan's Razzie nomination also makes mention of conservative Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time. More notably, that "film" stands tall as Metacritic's worst-ranked movie ever. Melania Trump and Kellyanne Conway earned Worst Supporting Actress nods.

Trump, who is shit, is in good (i.e. also shitty) company with the rest of this year's Razzie nominations. See the big categories below and a full list here; tying for most noms with six are Gotti, Holmes & Watson, Death of a Nation, and The Happytime Murders. Winners will be announced Feb. 23. Maybe that motherfucker will have resigned by then.



The Happytime Murders

Holmes & Watson  

Robin Hood



Jennifer Garner / Peppermint

Amber Heard / London Fields

Melissa McCarthy / The Happytime Murders and Life of the Party

Helen Mirren / Winchester

Amanda Seyfried / The Clapper  


Johnny Depp (Voice Only) Sherlock Gnomes

Will Ferrell / Holmes & Watson

John Travolta / Gotti

Donald J. Trump (As Himself) / Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9    

Bruce Willis / Death Wish 


Jamie Foxx / Robin Hood

Ludacris (Voice Only) / Show Dogs

Joel McHale / The Happytime Murders

John C. Reilly / Holmes & Watson

Justice Smith / Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 


Kellyanne Conway (As Herself) / Fahrenheit 11/9

Marcia Gay Harden / Fifty Shades Freed

Kelly Preston / Gotti

Jaz Sinclair / Slender Man

Melania Trump (As Herself) / Fahrenheit 11/9

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