The titillating descriptor "epilogue-y" is the latest word from inside the belly of the beast that is Quentin Tarantino's still (presumably) far-off 10th film.

The latest update on what is routinely teased as the director's final film comes by way of Tarantino's Moscow press visit earlier this week in promotion of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is indeed very fucking good and absolutely worth your theater dollars.

"If you think about the idea of all the movies telling one story and each film is like a train boxcar connected to each other, this one would sort of be the big show-stopping climax of it all," THR reports of what Tarantino said regarding Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which I'll again point out is very fucking good and worth your dollars. "And I could imagine that the 10th one would be a little more epilogue-y."

Also during Tarantino's Russian press marathon, the director tasted a Moscow farmer's cheese and took a Kremlin tour, as one does.

The "epilogue-y" tease arrives around the same time as comments Tarantino gave during an international Once presser about making his 10th project a full-on horror piece. 

"I would love to do a horror film," he said, per Bloody Disgusting. The expertly paced Spahn Ranch sequence in Once, Tarantino added, is quite horror-esque. In fact, he likened it to the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre but "with a budget."

Following its late July release, Once is now bumping up against $90 million at the domestic box office. While horror, epilogue-y, or both are exciting possibilities for Tarantino's follow-up to the Manson-centered reimagining, there's also still a chance he dives into the Star Trek universe for an R-rated reinvention.