With how memes circulate these days, the true origin of some of the greatest gifs on the internet can get lost in the mix. That mind blown gif? It's from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Blinking white guy? That's just a brief moment from a random livestream from video game website Giant Bomb. The revelation of the origin behind one particular gif, however, has shaken the foundations for many.

One of the most popular reaction gifs on the internet is a brief moment from the 1972 film, Jeremiah Johnson. A man with a burly beard, slowly approving of something, the gif understandably shows up frequently across social media. While many were unaware of the source in general, an article from Splinter highlighted just how much people were shocked to find out that the man in the gif is actually Robert Redford.

Due to his appearance in the clip in question, many assumed that it was actually Zach Galifianakis, who bears a strong resemblance here. Redford, who has since retired from acting with two last roles in The Old Man & the Gun and Avengers: Endgame, often didn't sport a beard in his many roles. As such, plenty of fans of the meme posted on Twitter to reveal how shocked they were to discover the truth.

Check out some of the best tweets about the gif below.