You'd think that in a week where Spider-Man: Far From Home is without a doubt set to own the box office once again that we'd pack this in again, right? Wrong. This is actually one of those weekends where you might not catch THE BEST FILM/SHOW OF THE YEAR (although Euphoria is making a huge argument for its place in that space), but you'll find something that's more focused on just doing what it does best.

This week we've got the aforementioned Euphoria, who really showed how well its putting its story together this week, but we've also got Aziz Ansari's latest Netflix special along with two new entries in theaters: the gator-shook Crawl alongside the Bautista and Kumail-starring Stuber. It's a packed house for a hot summer weekend, honestly.

For those of you who don't like sun and don't go outside, these are four things you can watch under the A/C and chill to. You're welcome.