Most teenagers don't hide something from their parents that would eventually make them millionaires. But, that's exactly what Sophie Turner did when she decided not to tell her parents she was auditioning for Game of Thrones.

Last week, Turner sat down with her close friend and Dark Phoenix co-star Jessica Chastain for a candid conversation hosted by Vogue ParisDuring the interview, Turner explained to Chastain how she started her professional acting career. 

"Well I didn't tell my parents that I auditioned for Game of Thrones," Turner told Chastain. As expected this left Chastain in shock. This surprise was only further solidified when Turner stated that she and all her other 13-year-old friends only went to the show's open casting call as a joke.

"So Nina Gold—the casting director—went around to random schools in the area," Turner continued. "So me and all my friends auditioned. We thought it was just like a jokey thing to do. So, we audition and I just kept getting callback after callback... My parents found out when I was in the final seven. My mom kind of freaked out... My dad was like, 'Shut up, this is what she wanted her whole life. You just have to let her give it a go.'"

Her father's persuasion proved to be the right decision. Beginning at the age of 13, Turner assumed the role of Sansa Stark. She was a staple on the show until the series ended this year. This jumpstarted her acting career and now she's making the transition from the television to the Silver Screen. Although the film opened to poor reviews, Turner played the lead in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The film is also projected to lose $100 million. But, she is looking to leave her role as Jean Grey in the past and redeem herself in Jouri Smith's upcoming thriller Heavy