Just before the highly anticipated series finale of Game of Thrones was set to air, HBO released the trailer for Season 3 of Westworld

The trailer starts unlike the previous two installments, centered around what appears to be the series’ new lead character played by Aaron Paul, living life in a metropolis city. Basically, nowhere near the expansive Westworld theme parks where the show took place before all hell broke loose last season. 

At the one-minute mark, we get a brief cameo from another new cast member, Kid Cudi, who people were excited to see. 

With Paul and Cudi, it’s the Need for Speed reunion we have all been waiting for.

It's not until the very end of the trailer when we see a familiar face in an injured Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, making her way under a bridge. 

Westworld Season 3 will not only have newcomers in Cudi and Paul in the cast, but Lena Waithe signed on as well, with Vincent Cassel rumored to be playing the villain. If that's not enough, Marshawn Lynch is said to be onboard, too. Yes, that Marshawn Lynch