It’s been a while, but Snoop Dogg has returned with the latest installment of Plizzanet Earth on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The popular series features Snoop narrating over clips from the nature documentary Planet Earth. This time around Snoop reacts to footage of monkeys in India as they steal literally everything that they can get their little hands on.

It’s no secret that having Snoop commentate on anything is gold. Back in January, Snoop provided some color commentary for a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Los Angeles Kings for a “Hockey Night in L.A.” event at the Staples Center. Of course, fans of Plizzanet Earth are well aware that this on-again, off-again series stretches as far back as 2014 when he reacted to an ibex fight. 

There was the time he was narrating a slow motion shot of a shark jumping out of the water. 

Snoop also commented on an iguana trying to flee from some snakes. 

There was also that time he spoke about that snake trying to navigate around all those bats.  

Stay tuned for more (hopefully) episodes of Plizzanet Earth from Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Kimmel Live.