It looks like you will now not only be able to catch Pokémon while you walk but also while you're fast asleep. 

The Pokémon Company has announced a new app titled Pokémon Sleep. The game, which is being developed by Select Button, was announced at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan and is set to drop sometime in 2020 for mobile devices. Though there currently aren't too many details about the upcoming sleeping game, it will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

"The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning," Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of the Pokémon Company, said. The new game aims to "turn sleeping into entertainment." Also, it's important to note that multiple "Snorlax were consulted on this, in case you were wondering." Ishihara also said that the new app "utilizes info, like time spent sleeping or what time the player wakes up, to create a new type of gameplay." 

We’re pleased to announce the development of Pokémon Sleep, a new app from @Pokemon_cojp that tracks a user’s time sleeping and brings a gameplay experience unlike any other!

Several Snorlax were consulted on this, in case you were wondering. #PokemonSleep is coming in 2020.

— Pokémon (@Pokemon) May 29, 2019

Pokémon Sleep will gather information on your sleeping on a new Nintendo device called Pokémon Go Plus +.

⬇️ Pokémon GO Plus + Details ⬇️

☀️ Use it as a Pokémon GO Plus during the day.
🌙 Put it next to your pillow at night to track your time sleeping.
🎮 It sends this sleep information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. #PokemonGOPlusPlus

— Pokémon (@Pokemon) May 29, 2019

Stay tuned for more details about Pokémon Sleep.

The company also announced a new mobile game titled Pokémon Masters.

Announcement 4⃣

Dreaming of becoming a Pokémon master? This is your time!

Get ready for Pokémon Masters, a new game that allows you to battle alongside your favorite Pokémon Trainers from the main series RPGs. #PokemonMasters

— Pokémon (@Pokemon) May 29, 2019