In the latest episode of Will Smith's Bucket List, the 50-year-old actor is challenging himself to complete a half marathon with just three weeks of training. Smith set his sights on participating in the Marabana in Cuba with less than a month of preparation during a stage in his life where he admittedly felt "far out of shape."  

Similar to the motivation behind crafting his significant social media presence, Smith is using this episode of Bucket List to, once again, turn the lens on himself to show his true self, flaws and all. As Will gets hooked to an EKG machine at around the 10-minute mark, he admits that being out of shape is new terrain for him. Smith reveals that he used to be so focused on remaining in peak physical condition during his rise as a movie star that he didn’t drink alcohol for over a decade. 

“Being this far out of shape is kind of a little bit new for me," Smith said. "I didn't drink for over a decade. You know, during my rise as a movie star, I was, like, wildly disciplined, so being in this place in my life, even something as simple as taking my shirt off while I'm out of shape, like, you know this for me now allowing myself to be seen less than optimally is new."

Check out the latest episode of the Facebook Watch show up top to see if he can check "complete a half marathon" off his bucket list. Or, you could just read the caption below.