No shade to comedians, but some of the most hilarious content is delivered to us via our Twitter and Instagram timelines. You might not remember where you first heard a particular joke, but the first time the man formerly known as Brother Nature fed some deer? You remember it like it was yesterday, and have more than likely retweeted, shared, or liked it enough times to make the content creator some cash.

During ComplexCon 2018's We Meme Business panel, Complex's own Speedy Morman spoke with some of the biggest names in the social media comedy sphere: Coldgame Kelv (fka Brother Nature), NBA commentator Filayyyy, Shiggy (who helped Drake's "In My Feelings" blow up), Khadi Don, John Gabbana (fka Boonk Gang), and Retro Spectro (of Atlanta fame). 

Retro Spectro, who got his first big break on Vine, put it plainly: "I describe it as marketing, and we create. We create. We're visionaries." That's not always what's intended, though, as Filayyyy explained. "People just don't go viral because they be like, 'All right, I want to do a video. I'mma do it—it's gonna go viral.' It accidentally happens." But when they do blow up, the momentum is astronomical.

"It took me so long to get a million followers," Shiggy said, "and after that, I got another million followers [in] under two months with the whole Drake situation."

Check out the full panel discussion in the video above.