YouTuber Shane Dawson caused most of Twitter to meltdown on Sunday night, when he started tweeting about allegations surrounding him and his cat. It all kicked off when people started discussing an episode of Dawson's podcast from 2015, in which he said, "I came all the over the cat." 

As soon as the audio in which he told the story started to circulate, the controversial YouTuber defended himself in a bizarre series of tweets. "I didn't fuck my cat," he said. "I didn't cum on my cat. I didn't put my dick anywhere near my cat. I've never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself I wasn't going to make apology videos after last year's thing so I'm just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible."

Last year, Dawson landed himself in hot water after he expressed sympathy to Jake Paul and Jeffree Star, who were both hit with several accusations of racism. Dawson himself, meanwhile, has received a lot of criticism throughout the years for his use of blackface in comedy sketches.

"That story was fake and was based on a dumb awful sketch idea I had years that I never made (THANK GOD) and when the opportunity came up for a funny moment in the podcast I told it as if it was a real story which was DISGUSTING and VERY VERY DUMB," he continued. In later tweets he apologized for the story and his other offensive behavior. "I'm sorry for my past," he said.

Check out all of his tweets above, and see some of the best reactions to the whole situation below.