When pondering topics for a potential documentary, you could do so much worse than focusing on a mythical $2 million collection of cocaine that some have said is buried in the Caribbean.

With their upcoming The Legend of Cocaine Island documentary, Netflix is providing at-home entertainment in the form of a deep-dive on the legend surrounding said alleged island that's positively rife with coke. "A northern fairy tale starts off 'Once upon a time,' a southern fairy tale starts off 'Y'all ain't gon' believe this shit,'" a laughing voice informs us at the top of the newly released trailer.

Netflix bagged the rights to the Theo Love-directed documentary feature last September following its enthusiastic reception at the Tribeca film Festival. At the time, Love—whose previous directing credits include the docs Little Hope Was Arson and an Independent Lens episode—said Legend isn't a doc in the "traditional sense" of the word. "We wanted to make a movie," Love told Variety. "A big fat, entertaining movie."

Judging by the trailer and the accompanying synopsis, Love and his team appear to have pulled it off. Legend promises a close look at "an urban legend about a duffel bag of cocaine" allegedly hidden in the Caribbean that inspires a multiple people to craft a "nutball plan" to track it down.

Catch the trailer up top. The full doc is out March 29.