Captain Marvel has raked in $302 million outside of the U.S. in its debut weekend, enough to mark the fifth-highest international launch of all-time.

The movie also generated $153 million during its North American debut, according to Variety. The $455 million total makes Captain Marvel the biggest opening weekend of 2019, surpassing the total of entire top 10 movies the same weekend last year. On top of that, $455 million tallies up to the sixth-highest worldwide debut ever.

Marvel has credited Captain Marvel's international success to the movie's diversity. Despite the absurd outrage sparked by casting the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first female lead, Disney distribution chief Cathleen Taff says that the fan base gravitated towards Brie Larson's character. 

"With Marvel, nothing surprises me," she said. "The fans are loyal and come out. [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige continues to deliver amazing content that pushes the envelope on diversity so anyone can see themselves as a superhero."

Captain Marvel also topped Black Panther's international launch by 32 percent and made the most of its earnings out of China, where it had the third-best MCU opening weekend behind Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War. China's $89.3 million was followed by South Korea's $24.1 million.