SpongeBob SquarePants is a second language for the internet. So when the wider world heard that the NFL might include a tribute to the Nickelodeon show in response to a petition, they were more than a little excited. 

Fans were ready to see their favorite source of nautical nonsense tear through a rendition of his stadium-rock jam "Sweet Victory." What they got instead was a lot of fire, a ton of Adam Levine and about 10 seconds of Bikini Bottom. 

People who tuned in to hear SpongeBob weren't happy with the bait and switch: 

They laid into the NFL for getting their hopes up. Viewers were ready to rock, and all they got was a boulder

Given that SpongeBob is primo meme fodder, it took almost no time for the classics to come out.

Some viewers saved people who weren't watching live by creating abridged versions: 

And others pointed out the thinking process of halftime show producers: 

For what it's worth, the sponge himself appreciated being included: