While it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of streaming series that have been unleashed since the first season of The OA came out in December 2016, the mystery-drama Netflix series dropped a trailer for Season 2 on Wednesday which will get you hyped, interest you enough to watch the eight episodes already available, or (we guess) do neither.

For those who've either forgotten (which is fair), or are out of the loop, the show centers around a woman named Prairie who has been missing for seven years. Upon her return to civilization she calls herself "the OA." Also she can see even though she was previously blind. She tells neither her parents nor the FBI about what happened to her, or why her peepers suddenly work. Instead she puts together a team of high schoolers and a teacher, all of whom she asks to aid her in saving other missing people, which she claims she can do by opening a portal to another dimension.

In the trailer for The OA: Part II, Prairie wakes up in an alternate reality where she has wealth, lives in San Francisco, and has never has tests conducted on her. She's also working in tandem with a private investigator to locate a girl who's missing, while her followers in the non-alternate reality are trying to make sense of things without her around.

Season 2 premieres on March 22. That should give you plenty of time to try and make sense of that second paragraph (and maybe even the third) should you choose to make room in your undoubtedly busy schedule to watch.