The iconic Child's Play franchise is back. Orion Pictures has shared the first trailer for Lars Klevberg's reboot of the slasher franchise, featuring our first glimpse at Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry among others under the threat of Chucky, a doll hellbent on murder and misery since his first outing onscreen in 1988.

The first trailer for the Child's Play doesn't give fans a proper look at the new Chucky outside of a few brief teases. It's not been announced who will be play Chucky in the new version, either, as series veteran Brad Dourif will not return to voice the now-futuristic robot doll. We do know Lights Out actor Gabriel Bateman will portray Andy Barclay, the child protagonist of the series. Unfortunately, series creator Don Mancini is not involved in the reboot.

While it might seem as though Chucky has been gone for quite some time, Don Mancini released a direct-to-video seventh installment of the franchise called Cult of Chucky in 2017. Still starring Dourif as the murderous doll, the movie received surprisingly positive reviews. Mancini is currently working on producing a TV series version of Child's Play, although there hasn't been an update on that project in a little while.

Check out the poster for the new Child's Play below, and watch the trailer for the film above. It hits theaters June 21.

Child's Play poster
Image via Orion Pictures