People have a lot to say about Surviving R. Kelly.

Despite legal threats from the disgraced R&B singer, the three-night, six-part special premiered Thursday night on Lifetime as planned. And to no one's surprise, it immediately began trending on Twitter.

The docu-series explores the disturbing sexual abuse allegations against the 51-year-old entertainer, and includes more than 50 interviews with everyone from Kelly's brothers to his former collaborators to his alleged victims.

"These are women who lived in his house and studio for years, and have the same story about being forbidden to talk," the series' executive producer/showrunner dream hampton told Complex. "So once those women become free of those barriers, they're looking to connect with each other, to know that they weren't the only ones.

"Those women are from different decades," she continued "[We had to] find women from different decades, who had near-identical stories of being denied food, denied movement in the house, denied conversation with other human beings. Physical abuse, again and again."

Audiences had mixed reactions to the first couple of installments: Disgust, disbelief, and outrage were some of the most commonly expressed emotions, while others applauded hampton and her team for shedding light on this horrific story.

John Legend, who appeared in Surviving R. Kelly, thanked hampton for her work and pursuit of justice. He also insisted that he had no hesitations to participate.

You can check out other reactions to Surviving R. Kelly below. The special will continue Friday and Saturday night on Lifetime.