In an effort to retain and possibly win back some of their customers, MoviePass has announced a new multi-tiered pricing plan dependent on viewing preference and geography. According to CNN, the movie subscription service will feature three options—“Select,” “All Access,” and “Red Carpet”—starting in January.

Starting at $10 per month, “Select” offers customers the opportunity to watch up to three films every month from a list of titles provided one week ahead of time. Customers are excluded from using MoviePass on opening weekend releases, and anything beyond 2D features. 

“All Access,” which starts at $15 per month, allows customers to watch whatever three 2D movies that they want over that span. Meanwhile, “Red Carpet” provides access to three films per month for everything from 2D to 3D to IMAX, starting at $20 per month. Things get super confusing when you realize these monthly prices will depend on "zones," which can bump up their most expensive package to $25 per month.   

“Change is necessary. We won the hearts of millions of moviegoers, now we need to win back their confidence," said MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said in a statement. "We realize that the past year brought our subscribers many modifications and even some surprises, some of which weren't well-received; but we listened, we reassessed, and we believe we are primed to offer the American consumer the absolute best offering across America in 2019 and beyond." 

The latest plan alteration is MoviePass’ latest attempt at recapturing the magic that it once had, even though it’s been clear for quite some time that they're dead in the water. MoviePass had a great run, but sadly it will only be remembered for creating a model that theater chains replicated and kept running well after the movie subscription service is dead and gone.  

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