Black Mirror fans who own an Apple TV, Chromecast, or Fire TV Stick kicked off their weekend with a nasty surprise. After waiting patiently for the interactive flick Bandersnatch, they found that the latest offering of the sci-fi anthology doesn't work on their streaming devices. 

Those viewers won't be able to view the choose-your-own-adventure (or cereal) flick. When they attempt to, they get a bit of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker's trademark cheekiness. Instead of the film, they get a supercut of Black Mirror characters from prior episodes saying "Sorry."

According to Mashable, Netflix said that "some legacy [ie. super old] devices" won't work with the new film, apparently including the top-of-the-line set from Apple among those. The film works on Roku devices, newish smart TVs, and video game consoles with Netflix apps. 

As far as what's causing the issue, Netflix said that it comes down to an issue of "support" without elaborating. And the lack of clarity has fans high-key upset.

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