Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse isn't even out yet and it's already making waves. The buzz around the film coupled with the need fo more women-led superhero flicks led Sony Pictures' animation wing to begin work on an animated Spider-Women movie.

According to Deadline, Bek Smith will write the script for the movie that will follow three iterations of superpowered Spider-Women. While there's no guarantee that she'll appear, the trade website points out that we could very well see an animated take on Radioactive Spider-Gwen. The Hollywood Reporter says that Gwen Stacy will be the linchpin of the new movie before adding that the film might include Madame Web, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Girl. Voltron: Legendary Defender executive producer Lauren Montgomery is in negotiations to direct. 

Beyond that, Sony is already looking at a sequel to the Miles Morales tale that generated all this talk. Joaquim Dos Santos, the director of episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Justice League Unlimited, was reportedly tagged to helm the sequel. 

Lego Movie masterminds Phil Lord & Christopher Miller are also reportedly involved with all of the new spin-offs. 

"We are lucky to have such an amazing cast of funny, genuine creative souls to populate the Spider-verse," Lord and Miller previously said. "They have generous minds and great big hearts. And they have very talented throats. Which is where their delightful voices come from."

There's no telling how many movies this multiverse-spanning new endeavor will crank out, but it's nice to think that Spidey might be given a bit of a runway before we have to sit through yet another take on Peter Parker in high school.