TMZ has obtained court documents from a class action lawsuit against filed by a legally blind man named Donald Nixon who claims he "cannot fully and equally use or enjoy the facilities, products, and services" provided by the website.

Nixon claims in the suit that and are violating the American with Disabilities Act because their sites aren't compatible with his screen-reading software. 

Nixon is suing so that the outlet will make its site accessible for the visually impaired. He's also asking for unspecified damages. 

TMZ, who is reporting that Playboy has yet to make a comment about the suit, also points out that a similar case was brought against Kylie Jenner's Kylie Inc. company not that long ago. In that case, Antoinette Suchenko, a woman who's legally blind, said she wasn't able to access Kylie's cosmetics website. Suchenko was looking for the company to update their site and wasn't asking for damages.

In yet another similar case, the Kardashian's Dash store was sued back in 2016 by Andres Gomez.