Jamie Foxx stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday to promote his new film Robin Hood and shared some typical late night funny stories. But before getting into a nostalgic conversation about having Whitney Houston over for karaoke (iconic!), the actor took a moment to address some of the devastation in California.

“By not being there you can’t really recognize how terrifying and devastating it is,” he told the audience, referring to the wildfires that have taken 44 lives so far. “I mean, Malibu is almost gone and people are losing everything.”  

Foxx asked people watching to pray and donate to locals and firefighters who are “working like 48 hours with no breaks.”

He also opened up about the shooting in his own neighborhood of Thousand Oaks. “I live in Thousand Oaks and those people, I mean, you know those children, these kids man,” he said.

“I know a lot of time we’re afraid to speak out on things...but all I can tell you is that here in the fourth safest place in the world something tragic like that happened,” he continued. “So we have to have a voice, because like I said those are our kids and our family, and that police officer, I mean we see that guy every time we go off Hampshire and Thousand Oaks, he’s a hero.”

Later on, Foxx and Fallon share a moment singing Bell Biv Devoe’s “Do Me,” before the actor launches into a story about his infamous celebrity karaoke nights.

“I had *NSYNC singing Backstreet Boys songs and vice versa, but the one night that was crazy, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown show up to my karaoke night,” he said. Foxx goes on to explain how Whitney performed “I Will Always Love You” for the audience and he recorded on his camcorder.

Later that night, Bobby Brown burst into his house to get the tape, so to calm him down he gave him a bunch of clothes from his own closet. “Bobby Brown left with clothes,” Foxx explained, before revealing he still has the tape of Whitney to this day. “I still got the tape. I put it in my safety deposit box.”  

Elsewhere in the interview, Foxx talks about partying with Prince and does an impression of LeBron James. Watch the entire clip in the video above.