It’s Michelle Obama season y’all, and the former first lady continues to remind us how lucky we were to have her in the White House.

As she tours her new book Becoming, which came out on Tuesday Nov. 13, Obama reunited with Ellen Degeneres to take a trip to Costco and surprise fans with a book signing. Ellen's immaturity turned the situation into a hilarious event. As Obama attempted to sign books, the host began singing and playing keyboard to distract her. “Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama wrote a book,” Ellen sings. “She mentions Oprah [Winfrey] several times and me only once!”

Watch the book signing in the video linked up top.

Returning to Ellen’s regular setup, the two discuss some of the lighter points of Becoming and Obama’s time in the White House, including Malia’s prom. It was the first time her eldest daughter had been allowed to drive in someone else’s car, and Obama emphasized the importance of making sure her date’s car was “clean” before security dogs sniffed it. After asking her parents to “just be cool,” Malia drove off with her date, trailed by a three-car secret service detail.

“Barack was like, ‘This makes running for a second term all worth while. My daughter is being followed in a car by men with guns,’” she tells Ellen.

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Michelle used Becoming to not only open up about her personal struggles and triumphs but also finally reveal how she feels about Trump’s administration. Ellen decided to tap into that honesty by bringing up the infamous debate over inauguration size.

“Who had a bigger crowd, could you tell?” Ellen asks.

“I could tell,” Michelle says, confirming what we already know with her eyes. 

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But the visit couldn’t end without Ellen forcing us all to shed a few tears. The host put together a collage of all of Obama’s huge achievements throughout the course of her term as first lady, which included encouraging kids to be more healthy and active, supporting military families, pushing young folks to go to college, and more. The collage is set to Beyoncé’s “Halo,” so go ahead and grab some tissues before watching it below. Thank you Michelle.

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