People forget every now and then that David Arquette sometimes professionally wrestles. The 47-year-old actor gave a reminder when he faced off against wrestler Nick FN Gage in a death match. By the end, Arquette left the match soaked in blood from a neck wound. The match, held by Game Changer Wrestling, took place in a dive bar in Los Angeles.

Footage from the bout made its rounds on Twitter, showing Arquette and Gage’s brutal match, where both used various stunts and weapons.

At one point, Gage hit Arquette on the head with a light bulb and appeared to drag the remains on his skin, leading to his profuse bleeding. Arquette grabbed his neck and appeared to attempt leaving the match, but he returned to the ring. Gage finished the graphic scene, which can be seen below, with a pin.

Arquette took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the match, writing, “Turns out Death Matches aren’t my thing” and that he had been “stitched up.”

Arquette previously starred in the 2000 wrestling movie, Ready to Rumble, and became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion that year. In September, he told Fox News that he’s set to return to professional wrestling.

“I literally feel like I'm Rocky, I mean like I’m in the gym sweating like crazy going to the gym every day for hours, you know, getting it so I don't get winded so easily and putting on muscle losing a bunch of weight so it's all about training, it's all about determination, it's all about, you know, believing in yourself,” Arquette told Fox News.

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