Amazon Prime subscribers will be given an exclusive opportunity to watch Aquaman five days before its United States release date, according to Screen Rant. Members can attend these advanced screenings on December 15 at participating theaters, which include ArcLight, Bow Tie Cinemas, Cinepolis, Regal Cinemas, Showcase Cinemas and Studio Movie Grill. Some notable names missing from this list are AMC Theaters, and Cinemark Theaters, the biggest and third-largest theater chain in the U.S., respectively. 

Despite an early release date for Prime members, Aquaman will still be coming to the U.S. after hitting every foreign market. The latest film in the DC Extended Universe has maintained its position on that domestic release date, even though there has been talk of moving the release to avoid a crowded box office that already features the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, the Steve Carell film Welcome to Marwen, and the comedy Holmes & Watson, which reunites Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. 

Early reviews of Aquaman have drawn mostly positive responses with The Hollywood Reporter deputy film editor Tatiana Siegel calling it “an afternoon at an aquarium crossed with an MMA match. In a good way.” Another person referred to the film as a “whole lot of fun.” The decision to bring this blockbuster out early for a select audience could be a calculated move to drum up as much interest as possible to fully capitalize on its hopefully advantageous Christmas release. Even when they are critically panned, DCEU films don't struggle in the box office, so this may be a way for them to sweeten the pot. 

Prime members are expected to be able to purchase tickets shortly.