It’s #spookyszn (aka Halloween), so my inner horror movie junkie is out to play. I’ve been watching a lot more horror movies lately and was very excited to discover that Tales From the Hood 2 had dropped on Netflix. Let me explain. 

The original Tales From The Hood, released in 1995, is an anthology of socially conscious horror stories along the lines of Tales From the Darkside but with a Black cultural twist. The movie plays out in a series of vignettes where the devil, disguised as a mortician (played by Clarence Williams III), narrates various stories ranging in topic from gang violence to racism to police brutality, that always have some moral anecdote. Tales From the Hood is a classic (do not debate me). Imagine my surprise when I noticed that Tales From the Hood 2 even existed over two decades later. It came out on early October 2 with no warning, and I chalked up the fact that there wasn’t any major buzz to poor planning on production’s part. Then I watched it. It turns out I watched it so that you won’t have to. 

It follows the same model as its predecessor, but with Keith David picking up the role of Satan. Other than that, it makes Leprechaun: In the Hood look like a fine piece of cinema. I watch a lot of dumb stuff, so imagine my surprise that it wasn’t bad-good, just bad-bad. Here’s a review—using GIFs—to represent my emotions throughout the process.