Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Logic have just announced they're producing a new special in partnership with YouTube Originals, inviting creatives from around the world to collaborate on an original song and video. Set to air on YouTube in 2019, the upcoming special hopes to bring together countless individuals to help finish work on a piece Logic will start.

After Logic posts his blueprint on the HitRecord website, fans will download what he's recorded and contribute. HitRecord is encouraging Logic fans to do whatever they want with the audio, either by writing lyrics, playing instruments, or adding vocals. Logic will then select the best contributions, with the finished special set to document the entire creative process.

Logic said in a statement, "So excited to be working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on this incredible collaboration. Have so much respect for him and am inspired by his passion for HitRecord." The special is set to culminate with the premiere of the song's music video, which will also take a similar collaborative approach.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the founder of HitRecord, a collaborative production company specializing in short films, books, and online content. “A lot of creativity on the internet feels like a popularity contest, but this is about people coming together to make something they might not have been able to make on their own," explained Gordon-Levitt. "Logic is the ideal guy to lead a collaborative process like this. I mean the name of his record is Everybody."

Watch the trailer for the project above, and sign-up to contribute here.