Ice-T faced a serious case of irony this morning, as the rapper-turned-actor, who plays a police detective on Law and Order: SVU, was arrested for evading a toll on the George Washington Bridge. If that wasn't enough, he was on his way to film an episode for the police procedural drama.

Ice-T spoke to TMZ about the incident, stating he was driving his brand new red and black McLaren, which was shipped from California. On his way from the New Jersey end to the New York end, he hopped in the E-ZPass lane, which is designated for drivers who prepay bridge tolls. Thinking his E-ZPass transmitter was in his vehicle, he zipped through the lane, only to be flagged down by officers.

Ice-T's defense was that he simply forgot to pack his E-ZPass in car. Cops, however, weren't buying it. In addition, the McLaren in question also wasn't registered, so cops decided to throw in a ticket as well.

It seems as if he is in good spirits about the situation, as he acknowledged the irony of the situation on his Twitter account.

Ice-T was quickly released, and proceeded to make his way down to the SVU set.