Back when Community was on the air, Donald Glover threw a party with several of his cast mates in attendance. But Alison Brie might have gotten a little too rowdy at the Atlanta creator's soirée.

While on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Brie explained an incident that happened at one of Glover's parties. "The party was going swimmingly. Everybody was having a great time. And at one point I decided to just yell out to the whole party and be like 'Hey everyone! Watch this!' I might have been a little drunk. Everyone stops what they're doing, turns to me, and I proceed to throw my body backwards onto a lamp, and possibly break said lamp."

Co-star Danny Pudi helped her up while Brie invited everyone to go back to their business. Pudi inquired just what she'd planned to do. "I was like 'I guess I thought I was gonna do that thing where you're standing and you throw yourself backwards onto your hands and you kick your legs up, flip it back up.' ... And I don't really remember going to many of Donald's parties after that." Ouch.

It's been three years since Community went off the air and plenty has changed since then. Glover created his massively beloved FX series and Brie stars in the Netflix series, Glow. Keegan-Michael Key, who was also there during Brie's telling of her failed party trick, got to share a bit of his own. In the clip (below), Key gets to deliver a blaxploitation line that was cut out of The Predator. Brie joins at the end for total gold.