Windows Central has heard rumblings about Microsoft planning to launch a monthly subscription service centered around their long-running gaming console which is being dubbed "Xbox All Access." The service will reportedly give gamers the opportunity to bundle an Xbox console, the Xbox Live online service, and the Xbox Game Pass gaming subscription in a two-year contract. The monthly price will depend on the console. Customers can reportedly expect around $22 per month for an Xbox One S while around $35 will get them an Xbox One X. 

The Verge's Tom Warren hinted at the subscription service's arrival earlier this month.

Doing the math, it appears that the subscription service would end up costing more than the console and Xbox Live upfront coupled with paying for Game Pass monthly. However, there could be an appeal in presenting a reduced upfront price tag with the end goal being a paid off console at the end of the two-year plan. 

Even though an official announcement is expected to come in the near future, Microsoft’s decision to include Game Pass comes at a time when the company has been looking to expand that particular service. It was recently announced that the service is offering a promotion where you can get two-months for just $2.

Keep it locked as more information comes in.