God doesn't exist and no one actually has any idea what's going on at any given moment, but I digress. Drake's "God's Plan," as previously reported, is currently at the center of a trademark request that could result in a "God's Plan"-themed game show, merch, and more. But what would a nonexistent god think of such a trademark? Stephen Colbert got the scoop Thursday night.

"It turns out that Drake is trying to trademark the phrase 'God's Plan,'" Colbert told the audience on Thursday's edition of Late Show. "That's a pretty common expression to try to trademark. I guess somebody already beat him to "How's it going?," "You up?," and "Guac is extra."

Colbert then imagined what a "God's Plan" game show might look like, Satan and all. "I'd watch that," he said. "Still, hard to believe Drake is trying to trademark 'God's Plan.' I mean you have to wonder how the Almighty feels about that." An imagining of a higher power than appeared, revealing he was "totally cool" with the trademark for a multitude of reasons.

"I thought about using 'God's Plan' for my own music and clothing line but I didn't have the startup money," this depiction of God said, noting that he lost a ton of money on a condo deal thanks to his brother Todd's coke habit. Asked if he actually even had a plan at all, God revealed that he did, admitting that he scribbled it down on a restaurant napkin years ago while high.