Last week, a newly released Wild 'N Out clip provided a bit more context on why recent guest Azealia Banks publicly slammed the show for what she called "preplanned colorist jokes." Now, straight from MTV, we have video of the full "So Petty" segment.

The video includes the previously seen comments from DC Young Fly in which he calls Banks "ugly," only this time complete with more responses from Banks. "You won't even make it to Def Comedy Jam, honey," Banks, shortly before mocking his "stick house" of an apartment, tells DC. "This is the ceiling for you." Another attempt at a Cardi B comparison joke also falls flat with Banks, who calls it "rude." Banks also compares DC to the I Don't Like Mens No More viral guy from 2014.

See the full segment below:

Before the episode aired, Banks publicly slammed the show, suggesting that she hadn't originally planned to be involved with any of the segments during her appearance. Though host Nick Cannon responded at the time with something about creating your own storms but forgetting an umbrella, he has since thanked Banks for the Wild 'N Out ratings boost.

"Anyone who can even come on [Wild 'N Out] and show a different side of themselves and have the courage to go up against some of the funniest, rawest, and most talented individuals in the game, says a lot about one's character," Cannon said over the weekend.